Speech (English) Marcel de Graaff, Strasbourg 14 September 2022. The European Union is turning into a corrupt dictatorship

14 september 2022 | Redactie | Nieuws

The European Union itself is turning into a thoroughly corrupt dictatorship.

Governments in countries like the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium and Italy are the same.

- They are damaging people's health through dangerous Covid injections, from which it appears that Ursula von der Leyen probably made a lot of money;

-  They are killing democracy by refusing to open up about vaccine deals;

- Freedom of expression is disappearing as a result of censorship under the pretext of fighting disinformation;

- They are destroying prosperity because of the price rises in food and energy for which they are responsible. They are expropriating farmers because of the Green Deal, yet it is precisely the farmers who can save us from this misery;

- They pay the media, often led by ex-politicians, to lie to the people about non-existent diseases, non-existent global warming and non-existent enemies in the East;

- They appoint only judges who follow the dominant political line.

And this thoroughly corrupt and hypocritical EU and its member states then have the guts to criticise Hungary.

The rule of law in Hungary
- which proudly propagates the traditional Christian values of our culture;
- which has the lowest energy price in the EU;
- which refuses to admit anti-democratic immigrants.

This is a blueprint for how Member States should act within the EU.

I demand that this Parliament and the Commission act accordingly.



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